Abler has a web based dosage calculator to assist you to calculate the appropriate dosage for your horses treatment with Abler products.

You can find the calculator on every product page as well as here

Dosage Calculator


  • Calculate Dosage
    • Product: Select a product from the dropdown list
    • Medication required for: Select whether the medication is required for "Treatment" or "Prevention" regimen
    • Weight of Horse: Input the value for the weight of your horse. Select "lbs" or "kg" as appropriate. If you do not know the weight of your horse, click on the Horse Weight tab to calculate
    • CALCULATE: For tablets and sachets, your dosage is displayed as number of tablets/sachets per day. For syringes, your dosage is displayed as where to dial the syringe for each administration.
  • Calculate Weight
    • Choose Horse Type: Select "Standard" or "Miniature"
    • Standard Horse Age: Select age from list
    • Heart Girth (inches): Input the value for the heart girth (inches) of your horse.
    • Body Length (inches): Input the value for the body length (inches) of your horse.
    • CALCULATE: An approximation of your horses weight is displayed in lbs and kgs at the bottom of the Calculator. You can now use these values on the Product tab to calculate the correct dosage for your horse.