If you are experiencing difficulty placing an order on your device, try using a computer with either a Chrome or Firefox browser. You might also find that clearing your browser cache helps resolve the problem. During the checkout process please make sure all required fields are completed accuratly.

If you receive an error "Bank account information provided failed checks" the payment is being declined due to the billing address and/or name does not match the address and/or name on your bank statement. You will need to edit your online account billing address with the correct details.

If you receive an error "Nondescript Transaction Error from Acquirer"  this is due to an incorrect account number or routing number being enteredDouble check all details and try again.

If you have tried checking out more than two times, and you've tried all of the above with no luck, contact us or message one of our live chat agents. We'll be happy to try placing a manual order for you!