When placing an order, you should note that for most payment services, the Billing Address you specify corresponds with the address used for the Bank Account associated with the payment method you have selected.

Most payment services deploy fraud detection tools to prevent fraudulent activity on your bank account.  Typically such measures involve cross-checking the address of the payment request with the address of the bank account for which payment is requested.  If the two do not match, then payment may be declined by your bank.

The easiest way to avoid this inconvenience is to update your account details with us by using the same name and address as shown on your bank statement for the account you wish to use for payment.  You can have more than one address associated with your account with us, one for each of your bank accounts if they are from different addresses. To update your Default Billing Address log in to your account with us and edit the addresses. You can also add a new address at Checkout.