Abler Points


Abler Points Loyalty Program offers all of our registered customers reward points for each of their purchases as well as reward points for their active engagement with us. Abler Points can then be redeemed on future purchases as part payment in the checkout process.


Earn Points byPointsConditions
Purchasing from Abler
1For every $10 of your Checkout Subtotal
Writing a Product Review20One review per product shipped
Creating a Video Product Review100One review per product shipped
Spend Points at CheckoutPointsConditions
Exchange Rate1Equates to $USD1.00 at Checkout
Use points as part payment up to25%Of the Subtotal of your Cart

Earn Points with Every Purchase

Purchase any product from our store and earn 1 Abler Point for every $10 of your Checkout Subtotal (excludes Shipping cost)
When a registered user is logged in and purchases any products, they will automatically be awarded Abler Points calculated on the value of their Checkout subtotal

Each earned Abler Points record expires in 365 days from the date it was earned. Refer to your Abler Points transaction history to see if a specific record expires and when.

Record a Video Review

Product review videos are now the most popular way to share information about products. A product review video about how the Abler product you used which helped your horse will assist the horse community to make a more informed decision about purchasing the correct Abler product for their situation. Get filming and create a product review video and submit it to Abler and we will reward you with Abler Points.


  • 1 Review per product shipped
  • Only approved videos will be awarded points
  • You agree to allow Abler to use your video on their websites

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Write a Review

Write a Product Review and be rewarded for your feedback. We want your feedback and are giving away Abler Points to registered Customers as a thank you for taking the time to write a review.


  • 1 Review per product shipped

Once your review is approved for publication, you will receive your Abler Points to your account

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Spending Abler Points is easy, just remember that for every point you have, that equates to $1.00. You can use your points to pay for up to 25% of the balance of your checkout subtotal (excluding shipping costs). When making a purchase, you can pay with your usual method or use your points to pay for up to 25% of the Subtotal of your Cart. Our One page checkout will prompt you to select "Use my Abler Points" at the Payment Information section and will display how many points and $ value you have available and are able to apply. Make your selection by ticking the box and inserting how many of your available points you wish to use for that purchase and then complete the balance of the payment, with your preferred payment method.


My Dashboard:
Once your account has been created you can view your account details, by logging in using the log in links on any page. Once logged in you will be directed to My Dashboard, from where you can view your Recent Orders, view/edit your Account Information and Billing and Shipping Addresses. On the left panel is a block titled My Account from which you can view and/or edit the following:

  • Account Information: Edit your Name, Email address or Password
  • Address Book: Add or edit your default Billing Address and Default Shipping Address
  • My Orders: View a record of all your Orders, Reorder past orders or Create a Help Ticket for a particular Order
  • My Product Reviews: View or Edit Product Reviews that you have submitted
  • My Wishlist: View Products that you have previously added to your Wishlist
  • Newsletter Subscriptions: Subscribe/Unsubscribe to our Newsletter
  • Support Portal: View Support Solutions in our Knowledge base, Tickets that you have raised or Create a new ticket
  • Reward points: View your current Abler Points balance, exchange rate and transaction history and manage your Abler Points account


  • Abler reserves the right to amend the nature and scope of the Abler Points Loyalty Program at any time.
  • Abler Points for any promotion are only available to registered customers.
  • Any unused Abler Points will be deleted within 365 days of the date they were awarded.
  • You can be notified within 7 days of the expiry of any unused Abler Points, by logging in and subscribing to our notify service here.
  • Points awarded for a purchase which was subsequently cancelled will be deducted from your account at the time of refund.
  • Your Reward Points can only be applied for up to 25% of the subtotal of an order (excludes shipping costs)
  • Reviews must be approved for publication before points can be awarded. Eligibility for Abler Points for writing a review is limited to one review per shipped product

If you have any enquiries regarding your Abler Points account please direct them to our Customer Service Team promptly.
You can find details and the current status of your Abler Points by logging in here.