Gastric ulcers in horses can be managed through proper medication and changes in management practices. Omeprazole products are the go to medication to treat gastric ulcers. Suppressing acid production is the function of the active ingredient omeprazole.

Poor Health equals Poor Performance

Ulcers can severely effect the health and performance of your horse. For instance whether  you train, breed or ride a horse. The horse needs to be in top condition to perform at its best.

Horses are natural grazers
Horses are natural grazers

Information on horse ulcers

Horses normally graze on forage for up to sixteen hours a day. Therefore the continuous process of digestion produces saliva which acts as a buffer to the acid. Limited access to grazing in addition to increased grain diets causes higher levels of acidity in the digestive system. Therefore increasing the risk of ulceration of the stomach lining.

Various other factors that lead to horse ulcers are:

Treatment as diagnosis

Many horse owners select treatment with omeprazole as an alternative to scoping. In other words rather than putting your horse through and invasive endoscope. Simply treat with omeprazole for and effective solution to gastric ulcers in horses.