You can perform a quick manure pH test at home to identify signs of hindgut acidosis. 

  • Purchase a pH strip pack (you can get these on eBay for less than $10)
  • When your horse passes manure collect 3-4 ‘balls’ and place them in a ziplock bag. This is to get a ‘cross-section’ of the manure.
  • Knead the ziplock bag to combine the manure.
  • Open the bag and gently place the strip on the mixed manure. Allow enough time for the strip to soak up moisture and for the colour to develop. 
  • Compare this colour to the pH chart on your kit. 
  • The normal pH for horse manure is 6.8. Anything lower than 6.5 indicates an acidic digestive tract and likely points to hindgut acidosis.


  • This test is not a substitute for veterinary advice.